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Our goal at Ag Assist is to connect you to local workers to help make a difference to your business, family and life.

Being farmers ourselves, we understand it can be hard to find skilled workers in agriculture that are available at short notice.

Ag Assist provides you access to workers that you may have not found through your normal recruitment channels.

Whether you have an urgent need for a worker or something more longer-term, Ag Assist helps you find and connect with those that can assist.

Ag Assist – connecting people to the land.


Urgent or One-Off Jobs

You learn to expect the unexpected when farming.  Sometimes a phone call or message comes in that you just didn’t need.

It might be an injury to a staff member or one of your family members needing you urgently.

It might be that you need an extra pair of hands to prepare for a shed inspection or you have planned to drench and weigh the young stock.

Ag Assist provides you the opportunity to connect with workers that are flexible and can commit to those one-off jobs, whether they are urgent or planned in advance.

Ongoing or Regular Work

Finding the right person and keeping them is also important to any successful business.

It takes time (that you don’t have) to train people about your farming operation and know that when they are on farm the understand what needs to be done and they know how to keep safe.

With Ag Assist you can directly message workers, view their availability calendars, mark workers as ‘preferred’ and arrange ongoing work as required.

Long-Term Work

Seasonal fluctuations and demands such as calving and lambing often require a longer commitment.

Ag Assist provides you the ability to post long-term or fixed-term jobs as required.  You can also filter and search for workers that have indicated they can commit for longer periods, for example, university students during a semester break.

The ability to access online profiles and message workers directly provides up-to-date information to assist with your decision.


Relief milking

Weekend milking

Stock Work



Moving Stock

Tractor Work






General Farm Work







Find the right fit for your farm

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to having someone work on your farm. That’s why Ag Assist provides you with the ability to explore profiles, send messages and read what other farmers’ have to say about their experiences with Ag Assist-connected workers.

  • 100% of worker details are reviewed by an Ag Assist team member before they become available for work.
  • Ag Assist Verified workers confirm that the worker has met extra requirements we set. We monitor and continue to manage these.
  • Each worker profile has an accumulating tally of jobs completed and ratings received providing you a history to review.

Get In Touch

We’re always happy to have a yarn.

Enter your details and we’ll be in touch to discuss how Ag Assist can Make a Difference for you!

Access to a network of workers that farmers review

Easily find a worker
View profiles, see ratings, and set your filters to find the right fit.

Job Offers
Share your farm requirements and send a job offer to the worker that’s right for you.

Select based on what you need
Share your farm work (Dairy, Sheep & Beef, and Arable) requirements, start a conversation and send a job offer to the worker that’s right for you.

Seamlessly approve worker hours.

Payroll ready job cards
Convenient job cards with CSV export for payroll

Connecting you with local workers.

Enjoy our introductory offer as we continue to grow our community on the Ag Assist platform.  We are currently expanding New Zealand wide!

Make a difference to your business by finding local workers that are the right fit for your farm.


Take a look around

Download the app (Apple & Android)
Post a job and notify all relevant local workers
Receive messages from interested workers
Filter, search and review worker profiles
Review workers available for long-term work


Connect with a worker

Includes everything in the FREE plan
Message workers direct and arrange job details
Worker is added to ‘previously used’ pool

*per worker and only pay when you message, prices exclude GST

Ag Assist made a difference

"Highly recommend to others in the agri sector."