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In the latest issue of the Dairy Exporter, our Customer Success Manager, Beck Riordan explained the benefits of using Ag Assist during Calving.

Ag Assist makes it easy to connect farmers with people that can help their business during peak busy times of the season. Whether you’re looking for a full-time milker, relief milker, someone to wash the calf feeders, milk the second herd or even just to cover some of the household duties throughout calving, Ag Assist connects you to local workers who are willing to step in.

“There is a massive workforce out there that may not necessarily want to work 60 hours a week, but might want to work 15-20 hours and are willing to travel to your farm. There is a huge heart of the agricultural community out there who understands what farming means to our community and want to help a farmer out,” says Beck.

Beck’s dairy farming background, is what ultimately inspired her involvement in the Ag Assist platform, connecting farmers to available workers to help fill gaps on farm. “I would have loved, loved, loved this when I was farming. During calving I would have used it. I used to do all the calves myself and I was stuck in the mentality that I was the only person who could do it. My husband and I were stuck on farm and couldn’t even get to watch our kids play rep sport,” she says.

“Ag Assist gives you the option to structure your life differently. You skin it your way.”

The Ag Assist platform provides the flexibility for farmers to post one-off, urgent, casual, ongoing or long-term jobs. Covering short, medium and long-term labour shortages that cause headaches on farm. It eases the last-minute stress of being down a worker when the unexpected happens, connecting you to a local, skilled replacement in minutes.

“Ag Assist is an option during those busy times; we may have someone who can help you on farm. We’ve worked really hard as a team to create a platform that moulds and flexes to the farmer.”

We hope you all look after yourselves during calving this season, and remember, the Ag Assist platform is there to give you some extra helping hands where needed.

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