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Ag Assist Introduces A New Long-Term Work Feature to Address Seasonal Farming Challenges

Ag Assist remains committed to providing practical solutions tailored to the unique needs of New Zealand’s agricultural sector. With a keen understanding of the challenges faced by farmers – from unpredictable weather patterns to fluctuating market conditions and staffing demands – Ag Assist continues to innovate, ensuring Farmers & Workers have the support they need to succeed.

Since its inception, Ag Assist has served as a reliable platform for connecting Farmers with local Workers for both urgent and ongoing jobs. However, recognising the need for a more comprehensive solution to address long-term staffing requirements, Ag Assist is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest feature: Find and Post Long-Term Work

With the 2024/25 season fast approaching and feedback from the farming community indicating a demand for long-term work options, Ag Assist has responded by introducing this new feature at no additional cost to the existing 30-day access fee*. This enhancement allows Farmers & Workers across New Zealand to post and advertise long-term positions, offering greater flexibility and convenience in managing seasonal fluctuations.

“Farmers understand better than anyone that the only constant in farming is change,” says Tony Dodunski, CEO of Ag Assist. “By expanding our platform to include long-term work options, we’re empowering Farmers to navigate these changes more effectively, whether it’s bringing on a university student during their holiday break or hiring a fixed-term worker to assist during peak seasons like calving or lambing.” One of the key features that sets Ag Assist apart from other recruitment companies is its user-friendly interface, which includes online profiles that serve as virtual resumes. “There is an online profile (essentially a CV) that is up-to-date and you can view straight away,” explains Tony. “You can also directly message on the platform.”

To access the new feature, Farmers can simply log into the Ag Assist Farmer Platform and navigate to the “Post Long-Term Jobs” tab or alternatively as a Worker, log into the Worker Platform and go to the”Post Long-Term Work” tab. From there, they can enter the necessary details to connect with a long-term job or future employee seamlessly.

Behind the scenes, the Ag Assist team is working diligently to expand the platform and increase the number of available workers. While opportunities to connect may vary initially, Ag Assist encourages Farmers & Workers to stick with the platform and help fuel its growth by sharing it with others in the community.

“We’re dedicated to supporting the farming community and connecting more people to the land,” adds Tony. “Together, we can overcome the challenges of seasonal farming and build a stronger, more resilient agricultural sector for generations to come.”

*$89 per location/farm for 30 days access.