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Ag Assist Promotes Safety with Sponsored Vests for Rural Schools.

Our Lady of the Snows School – Methven

Ag Assist, an innovative online platform developed by farmers for farmers, is making waves in New Zealand’s agricultural community. With a mission to enhance safety and efficiency, the platform not only connects farmers with local workers but also takes proactive steps to support safety initiatives in rural areas.

Designed as a response to the unique needs of New Zealand farmers, Ag Assist offers a seamless and accessible way for farmers to connect with pre-approved workers. The platform’s user-friendly interface allows farmers to explore worker profiles, review ratings, and set filters to find the ideal match for their farm operations, whether for one-off tasks or regular assistance.

“Our platform is more than just a tool for connecting farmers and workers; it’s a testament to our commitment to the farming community and its well-being,” remarked the team behind Ag Assist. “We believe that safety is paramount in agriculture, and we’re dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote it.”

In line with this commitment, Ag Assist has recently sponsored high-visibility safety vests for rural schools in the community. Recognising the pivotal role that rural schools play in shaping the future of agriculture, the initiative aims to equip students with the necessary safety gear for their journeys to and from school.

“Safety is a top priority, especially in rural areas where farm-related activities are prevalent. By providing high-visibility vests to local schools, we hope to instil a culture of safety and awareness from a young age,” explained the team.

The sponsored vests serve as a tangible symbol of Ag Assist’s dedication to fostering safety and supporting rural communities.