Hey, it's great to see you here!

We are a startup company based at Lincoln University.  We are Lincoln Alumni too, so we’ve all been where you are now and know the feeling of excitement, anticipation and potential hangovers that lie ahead!

Our co-founder Tony had the idea for Ag Assist after reading about the AirBnB and Uber success stories, and decided to join a few students for a beer to find out more and to see if his idea might fly.

In a nutshell, Ag Assist is an online platform where you can create an online CV (like LinkedIn), gain a verification badge (like Instagram), leave comments and ratings (like TradeMe), message (like Facebook Messenger) and find jobs (like Student Job Search).

The cool part about Ag Assist is the platform connects you with local farmers’ that need assistance.  This might be for one-off jobs, ongoing or regular jobs or even semester break jobs!

So download the app, register with Ag Assist and start making a difference to your time at university.

Kind regards,

Tony & the Ag Assist team.


Tony Dodunski, Co-Founder & Ag Assist CEO, talks about Ag Assist.




Staff leave

General farm work

Sheep & Beef











Dairy Support

Stock Work



Tractor Work

Introducing Beck...

Similar to many of you, Beck came to Lincoln with dreams of a career in the an Ag industry – she had a strong passion for dairy farming (but sadly came from Wellington!).  After 4 great years of study, along with meeting & making lifelong friends Beck married a fellow Alumni, had 3 kids and together they climbed the dairy ladder.

Now with her kids off being successful following their owns passions, Beck finds herself back where it all began. The name is the same, and the people who walk around are filled with the same passions to make a difference to the future of our food & fibre industries on NZ.

Beck says it is a privilege to meet with many of the young people who will be the future of our Ag industries, from those who aspire to be farmers, bankers, consultants through to our scientists & administrators, everyone brings their energy to our sector – its just awesome to be around this energy.

Contact Beck to hear how Ag Assist make a difference for you!

Beck Riordan, Ag Assist Customer Success Manager

Ready to make a difference?

…this is how to get started with Ag Assist

  1. Download the app (links below) and register
  2. Create a profile
  3. Indicate your availability for short-term jobs
  4. List yourself on the long-term job board for semester break jobs
  5. Spread the word (online and with your peers) as much as you can!

Your parents and/or caregivers might want to know…

  1. If they are farming, tell them about Ag Assist and send them this link to fill out and we will give them a bell
  2. Let them know that we pre-approve every farmer that is on the platform and closely monitor activity
  3. That you are in control! You set your pay rate, you choose whether you accept the job and you and other workers constantly rate and comment on farmers
Set your availability
Accept or decline jobs
Profile & History
Jobs completed
Star ratings & comments
Practical experience
Relevant qualifications
Set your hourly rate
Review job details
Review farmer profile
Review farmer rating

Networks & Groups
Rural professionals
Other workers
Industry partners

NEW FEATURE: Long-term work option

Our product is centred on connecting farmers and workers for those one-off or regular jobs but we have recently expanded our product to include longer-term, fixed roles that might suit your uni holidays.  Click below to see this new feature.